J. Adam McGalliard

"Mysterium" at FSCJ South Campus

Adam McGalliardComment

In March of 2019, 20 of my paintings from my “Projection” series was a part of a 2-person exhibition entitled “Mysterium: Synthesis of the Opposites” with professor Mark Creegan at Florida State College Jacksonville South Campus.

“In their zeal to investigate those newly opened vistas, they projected their fantasies and dream images into matter.”  - Carl G. Jung

The role of the artist can be likened to that of the alchemists, whom Jung wrote about extensively. He saw their pursuit to transform materials through chemical experiments as means to access and transform the elements of their unconscious. In much the same way, artists create their work through outward physical means, but the process is inward and cloaked in mystery. 

The work of J. Adam McGalliard and Mark Creegan and are on different ends of the ideological spectrum in terms of style, material and working methods, but the spirit and intention of both artists is the same: seek balance between the seen and the unseen; the known and the unknown; the synthesis of the opposites.