J. Adam McGalliard


Projections is a series of oil paintings that breaks from traditional portraiture and incorporates multiple layers of imagery that personify the identities, beliefs and expressions that individuals present to the world.  These projections act as a double-edged sword.  If spoken loudly, they can starkly reveal something that is hidden, like the writhing tattoos of the Illustrated Man.  If used covertly, they can conceal by creating a protective outer hull. The intention is to depict a combination of someone's conscious and unconscious spheres, rather than merely capture his or her outward appearance.


With the paintings in Personas, I depict and expand individuals' traits and personal narratives, distilling archetypes and the various roles people choose in order to participate and function in society. As we lose touch with old myths and outdated identities, I want to create fresh stories for our exponentially evolving contemporary culture.